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I suppose you’re one of my…”alternates,” if I am not mistaken.

0r perhaps y0u are 0ne 0f mine

even th0ugh thats the same thing pretty much 

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I’m inclined to wonder w)(ere you came from.

p0ssibly the greatest welc0me i have ever had the pleasure 0f experiencing 

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Well. Hello.



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hello ta ya both


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Welcome 8a8es. And descendant. It’s still early morning for me so no creativity juices are coming out yet. So sorry, 8oo-hoo.

im sure y0ure as s0rry as they can get 
greetings mindfang
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( hey guys!! i think im gonna go to bed or go lay down or something uvu; 

things i need to reply to are in my drafts!

so uh

goodnight i guess 

even though im probably not gonna go to sleep )

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Greetiing2, may II be of 2erviice two you?

i require n0 services

at least n0t n0w anyway

i d0nt think i ever will

but w0uld it be s0 much to ask f0r a c0nversati0n

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II wIIll true two get 2ome for you.

lIIght or dark? 

exactly, the gun 2eemed the mo2t effectIIve choIIce.
though II never went through wIIth IIt.
maybe another day..
nah, gd 2tand2 for god damn, though god tIIer II2 what gIIve2 me that 2o.. 
II have, and 2he only tell2 me that II’m ju2t crazy and II 2houldn’t worry.
and II belIIeve.
but then the a22hole come2 back, and ju2t 2how2 me otherwII2e. 

i d0nt mind 
dark is preferred alth0ugh
thank y0u

n0w heres where i initially w0uld have wr0te “h0pefully n0t s00n, ive begun t0 take a liking t0 y0u” but then i remember the revival c0mment
well i was cl0se i suppose
then maybe y0u sh0uld keep b-
well fuck him then 

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cour2e, ju2t name me colour and II’ll do my be2t two fIInd the be2t 2hade exII2tIIng.

IIt’2 better than a knIIfe or jumpIIng.
II’m not.
and you probably would, becau2e gd revIIval would’ve kIIcked IIn and II’d be here nonethele22, ju2t wIIth another death two toll on me.
hone2tly, II don’t efIIn know reely.
2ometIIme2 II feel great, and 2ometIIme2 II ju2t look and wonder how II managed two do IIt thII2 long.
II dIId once, got yelled at by the mate2prIIt, and got the whole fIIn blamed on me. 

well i d0 like the c0l0r blue

jumping d0esnt always kill y0u and the knife will just leave y0u bl00dy depending 0n where y0u hit
s0 i supp0se y0ure right
at least y0ud get to feel death, even if just f0r a sec0nd
gd stands f0r g0dtier c0rrect
well y0u sh0uld kn0w its n0t that hard
questi0n y0ur matesprit ab0ut it if y0ure this iffy
well thats bullshit if ive ever heard it
and ive heard it al0t 

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the magIIc of havIIng control over the a2pect of lIIfe along wIIth a body that lIIke2 two auto-regenerate random 2hIIt over tIIme.

II’ll hook you up wIIth the eye2 IIf you want.
not that hard actually.

no II’m 2tIIll alIIve, IIf only becau2e II decIIded two leave the bullet2 IIn the gun ye2terday.
well 2he doe2, at lea2t partIIally, but II reely thIInk II’m ju2t a placeholder.
a 2trIIder.
dv, the tIIme ba2ed a22hole who love2 tellIIng me that he’2 better IIn every 2IIngle part of my relatIIon2hIIp than me.
the 2ex, the attentIIon, the love, the cookIIng, the 2nuggle2, everyfIIn reely. 

well that s0unds nice 
w0uld y0u really
thats very th0ughtful 0f y0u

guns are s0 cliche
but i am glad y0u did
0therwise i w0uld n0t be h0lding this c0nversati0n with y0u
are y0u h0nestly that c0nvinced
i d0nt kn0w what a strider is s0 
perhaps y0u sh0uld find s0mething t0 sh0ve in his face 

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